Lee Westwood At The Masters

Masters Sunday would not be the same if Lee Westwood does not have his name on the leader board.

He was runner up last year and this year he has ensured that he remains in the equation with some brilliant moves he has taken up.

He has a brilliant career up to date. Being 43 years of age, he has been one of the top three players for about three times in a span of seven years. He was only out of the top 12 for a single occasion. Westwood would tell anyone who interviews him that his pre major odds in the game are too high and that is what he proved in the last weekend game. He states that his performance was what he targeted it to be and that he needed to get into the red.

He feels that he played the short game very well and that he holed in a few putts that he feels was played nicely by him. It was a day that went well for other England players as well, such as Justin Rose, who also took up part of the lead.

Lee Westwood is known to have a slow love affair with the Masters. He remembers 1999 when he had the lead in Augusta National, right next to Tiger Woods. He was encouraged to take it away from Tiger Woods but Westwood was unable to seize the moment as he was struck with panic. As a result, he was unable to score four shots required around Amen Corner as well as share of the sixth was also lost on him. He claimed second position at Masters 2016. There were certain opportunities that he missed like Jordan Spieth who collapsed and gave him an opportunity as well which he was unable to take up.