Graeme McDowell and Rory McIlroy deny rift

Former world number one Rory McIlroy and his Northern Ireland compatriot Graeme McDowell have denied there is any kind of rift between them, amid reports that have emerged over the last couple of weeks that that the two have fallen out with each other with the youngster also walking out of Horizon Sports Management in order to form his own management group. Speaking on the issue, McIlroy stated that there has been a lot of talk on the issue but mentioned that it is not something that he can make any comment on.

He went on to mention that he and Graeme are great friends and added that he might have said a couple of things that he was not happy with it but mentioned that they have had a talk regarding it and everything is fine between them. Speaking to the media just a couple of days back, Graeme McDowell had stated that it seems to him that the rumors that are doing the rounds are spot on and the youngster Rory will be leaving in order to do his own thing.

The world number seven mentioned that he and Rory are still great friends but it is an issue that he would want to leave to Rory and Horizon to sort out and not get involved in it. The world number two McIlroy had denied during The Players Championship that he would be leaving Horizon and form a new management group along with his father, friends and associates but Graeme McDowell had mentioned during the recent World Match Play Championship in Bulgaria that McIlroy might be looking to change managements for the second time since 2011.

In the latest press conference, Rory mentioned that there is no chance of his leaving Horizon and he is there to stay.