Rory McIlroy is all about the gym, reveals girlfriend

Danish tennis sensation Caroline Wozniacki has revealed her golfer boyfriend Rory McIlroy swears by the work he puts in the gym these days.

She stated that sometimes she gets frustrated with the new all action style that the Northern Irishman has taken up and has stated that during her off season, she vehemently asked him if he could just rest for some time, adding that she had told him she doesn’t want to see the gym or hear about it, she doesn’t want to go out for a run and all she wanted was rest and relaxation.

And the Danish tennis star, herself a former world number one on the WTA rankings stated that all her efforts fell on deaf ears as Rory McIlroy would revert with a statement that would just annoy her. She stated after hearing her pleas for rest and relaxation, Rory would tell her to hit the gym, adding that he would also state that it is good fun. But she stated it is also good that the two can motivate each other and also the fact that they do so many things together.

Wozniacki also revealed that the native of Hollywood sometimes brings her to the practice range on several occasions where she tries to motivate her man when the going gets the tough. And the going has indeed got a lot tough for the Northern Irish youngster over the last few events.

But the tennis star revealed she loves playing on the course with Rory McIlroy. She stated that for the initial few rounds, it goes extremely well before all goes downhill, when she takes a little break and watches her man hit the ball. She then takes some tips from his coach or caddy before taking up the driver all over once more.