There has been nothing stopping Luke Donald this season, with fantasticly consistent performances helping him to win title after title throughout the entire year.

He rose to fame and shot up being the number 1 player in the world after his spectacular win at the European tour and he became the first player to have captured the prize money for the PGA tour as well as the European tour.

Although he is still in search of his first Major victory, he continues to improve his game, and the US Open or Master title can’t be too far away! The latest golf betting online odds show that most fans of the game think he’ll get his big win in 2012.

Donald managed to make a total 13 million dollars from all the rounds he’s played this season, including over a million dollars for his third place finish at the Dubai championship. He has always been a person, who has wanted to be of help to the society and has reportedly given around 6 million dollars away to charity (the Children’s Miracle Network hospital).

Luke Donald has not only been known for the money that he has managed to bring in with his performances – along with the money have come a number of awards and trophies. He has been presented with the Vardon trophy given for the best scoring average he has obtained. He has also received the Byron Nelson Award for the lowest adjusted scoring average.

These awards go on to show his hard work and he has even mentioned in a statement after the awards that he feels nice to see that his hard work is being paid off in this manner. He feels that these are very important to help him or in fact any individual to get motivated and perform better with much more dedication and hard work.

Good luck on the PGA Tour, Luke!


Anthony Kim needs to grow up and he has proved this fact in quite a number of occasions. He is almost a train wreck and he never seems to leave an opportunity to allow people to feel the same about him in his acts.

This week’s Las Vegas Open also saw him in the same state. He is known to be an out of party animal and there have been various occasions where he just parties like crazy the night before and comes in a rugged manner the next day to play his tournament championship.

Although Kim has denied quite a number of times that he has partied crazily and played golf, there is proof and evidence to support the facts and statements.

Anthony Kim has all his stories covered up in a nice concocted manner by his management company. The recent stay at Las Vegas also was quite a story concocted up where his management was unable to come up with a valid point for his thumb surgery and his admittance in to the Shriners Hospital.

Anthony Kim needs to realize that he needs to grow up and mature when he plays golf. He needs to put in a little effort to make sure that he manages to be a little professional in his game and hence be consistent in his game play.

Moreover he needs to be more skillful in his approach and understand his weak areas so that he can focus on them and improve it for his future matches. After all there will not be a bright and prosperous future for a player who has such an ill reputation when he is outside his golfing circuit. He needs to realize he is a celebrity who has a lot of people looking up to him.