Allan Dick, a golf amateur, reckons Scotland’s leading amateurs should be allowed to take PGA training exams before switching to the paid ranks.

The Lothians champion suggested the radical move as a way to increase options for players if they fail to taste success as Tour pros after leaving the amateur game.

“I would like to see the SGU develop a pathway that allows elite amateurs to do the PGA training so they’ve got something to fall back on. As things stand, players who turn professional don’t have anything to fall back on if it doesn’t work out for them.

“But having the PGA qualifications would give them another option and it could be (that] someone becomes a top coaching professional instead, meaning they could then give something back to the SGU.

“Surely someone spending 35 hours a week in a pros’ shop selling Mars bars and spending hours bored on the golf sports betting sites isn’t necessary in this day and age to become a PGA professional. It would make more sense if elite amateurs had a pathway whereby they could do the PGA training before they turned professional.